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On Sunday, 6 June we'd love you to join us at our Q&A Event and Site Tour. This will be a great opportunity to find out more about the building renewal, hear from architects and key leaders and get your questions answered.

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At our Q&A Events there will be time to ask questions from the floor.

If you already know what questions you'd like to ask, please submit them below to allow the panellists to answer them in the best way possible!

All questions are welcome. We will endeavour to answer as many questions as possible, however if you would prefer to be contacted directly about your question let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need more money when we exceeded our original fundraising target?

In 2019, we sought to raise $1m in pledges over 3 years. $1.4m was pledged which blew our mind. That gave the Parish Council confidence to move forward with the project. But then COVID hit and some people were not able to give what they had pledged in 2020. Additionally, the bank we had lined up to give us a loan to fund part of the project became uneasy about lending money during COVID, and we had to scratch to get a smaller loan from another provider. 
This left us $400,000 short on being able to complete the project. 

Why cant we keep renting the Whitehouse and wait until more of the pledges come through?

We could do that, but this would be a far more expensive option. We are currently paying $1,000 in rent each Sunday at the Whitehouse. Additionally setup and packup requires significant labour from our teams each week, and the spaces for Vine Kids are very difficult at the Whitehouse. Additionally, if we wait until more pledges come through, our contract with our builders will expire and we will have to re-tender stage 2. We expect this will increase the cost of the project by up to $500k.

Why did we choose do to the build in two stages?

We would love to have been able to complete the project in one stage. But because we were not able to secure the loan we needed and less was given in 2020 than pledged, we were short on funding the entire project. We decided to stage the project to take advantage of the cheaper cost of building during COVID.

Didn’t we raise 1.4m in pledges in 2019?

Yes we did, but this was a three year pledge which we are currently half way through. If all $1.4m had been given we would be in a position to start stage 2. We could wait until all the pledges come through over the next year and a half, but we will need to re-tender the building contract and risk higher costs to complete the build. Alternatively, we can come together now to take advantage of the opportunity that has been given to us.

What are you asking me to do if I have already given what I pledged to Connect back in 2019?

We want to first thank you for your generosity. We would not have been able to start this project without you.

We know that God has placed everyone in different circumstances. Some of us who gave generously in 2019 are not in a position to give more in 2021. We understand that. But we also realise that for many of us God may have placed us in a new situation where we are able to give more. Perhaps we were only partially committed to the project in 2019 and over the last couple of years we have realised just how important this project is. Perhaps God has given you a pay rise or an inheritance which you are able to use to help us finish the build this year. We are not trying to squeeze more out of those who have already given sacrificially. But we also know that God does different things in our hearts at different times as we respond to different opportunities. We think this is a great opportunity for everyone to consider giving to.

What are you asking me to do if I have made a three-year pledge?

We want to first thank you for your generosity. We would not have been able to start this project without you.

Presented with this opportunity we are asking you if you are able to move forward some or all of your pledge before 30 June this year. If you can’t that’s ok. Give what you can, when you can. If we do raise $400,000 before 30 June, whatever you give next year will go toward paying down our loan and reducing our interest expense.

What happens if we don’t receive $400,000 by 30 June?

We will notify our builders that we are not able to sign the contract and wait until the remainder of the pledges come through next year. As soon as we have the money in the bank we will put stage 2 out to tender and hope that the cost to build does not go up too much. We are still 100% committed to stage 2, and will see it completed as soon as we have the resources to do so.

What will happen to church if we cant finish stage 2 this year?

We will continue to meet at the Whitehouse and utilise the newly renovated hall and foyer at the church for kids and youth ministries on Sundays.

The total cost of this build seems like a lot – couldn’t we spend less?

We are in an urban development precinct with a heritage building. As a result, the City of Sydney council takes a special interest in what we are doing and will not approve any design. In order to activate and connect each of the buildings, significant design and construction will need to be done. This is complex and costly.

Did engaging an architect increase the cost? Why did we need an architect, let alone one of such quality? 

The project would not have been approved by the City of Sydney without an architect. There are several factors in our situation that have meant engaging a respected architect is necessary. We want a building that is well designed and will last for future generations. Our site is complex in nature with multiple buildings, street frontage and heritage buildings. Rather than wasting time and money in court with a design the council rejects, the parish council believed it was wiser to spend money on an architect who’s design would be well received by council. This approach bore fruit when the Development Application (DA) was approved by the City of Sydney council in June 2019.