What's on during Connect 2:0

Connect Dinners

May 22 – June 12

The past year has been difficult for us as a community at Vine. Now is a great opportunity to encourage hospitality by encouraging people to join a Connect Dinner. These are small dinners in people’s homes all across the city which would provide the opportunity to reconnect after the lockdown last year and pray together for the future of our church. If you would be interested in hosting a dinner or attending a dinner, please let us know below. 

Newish Vision Dinners

Friday 21 May, 28 May, 12 June and 18 June

Friday 21 May, 28 May and 4 June 

If you’ve joined Vine Church since 2019, our Lead Pastor would love to invite you to a dinner at his place to hear more about the history of Connect and our vision for the future of Vine Church. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have, and find out more about why we are doing this building renewal. 

We are trying to run these dinners by congregation, but if you are not able to make the date for your congregation please feel free to register for a different date. 

Addictions Seminar with Penny Wilkinson

Tuesday, 25 June – 7pm

Penny is a trauma and addiction recovery specialist who has opened a free treatment centre (for all addictions) in Gladesville called the Overcomers Place. Penny has specialised in this area for 18 years, after discovering her own misuse of substances and her relationship to how she handles stress. She is coming to speak about tolerating distress in our lives and the relationship this has with addiction. Penny will speak from 7pm, with time to answer questions. 

The addictions seminar will be held at our previous church building at 200 Albion Street. 

There is no need to register for this event. 


Q&A + Site Tour

Sunday, 6 June (2pm)

We would love to invite you along to meet the architects, ask your questions and walk around the building site to understand more of what’s happening. Registrations are necessary due to safety planning. 

Week of Prayer

Tuesday, 15 June – Prayer and Praise Online 8pm Instagram Live

Tuesday, 15 – Thursday, 17 June – Community Groups
Join us midweek as our community groups pray together

Thursday, 17 June – Prayer meeting in the city
Join us from 7.30–8.30am at the Geneva Push office (44 Margaret St, next to Wynyard) to pray together before work.

Friday, 18 June – Prayer meeting online
Join us over Zoom from 7.30–8am and 12.30–1pm to pray together before work or during your lunch break.

Sunday, 20 June – Prayer meeting at the Whitehouse Institute of Design
Join us at 4pm before our 4.30pm service to pray together at our new venue