Pledging towards the building renewal

Your spiritual decision-making process

We’re asking you to engage in a spiritual decision-making process that will lead to a financial commitment above and beyond your regular giving. Biblical stewardship calls for equal sacrifice, not equal gifts, in proportion to what God has entrusted to you personally. 

Step 1 – Pray 

Generosity is more than a number; it’s a posture of the heart. Ask God to help you be generous. This might seem simple, butmany find it a hard thing to pray. But don’t fear, God may answer in multiple ways; he might reduce your expenses, he might in- crease your income, he might free you from addiction to money and possessions. Let’s all begin with prayer. Join us for the week of prayer starting Monday 11 November.

Step 2 – Assess

Look at what God has given you andwork out what would be sacrificial in your circumstances. We need 100 people to give $10,000. Some of us can give much more than this; others less. Stewardship calls forequal sacrifice, not equal giftsKeep in mind your pledge is tax deductible so you might be able to give more than you realise if you factor in the tax refund you could get. 

Step  3 – Pledge 

Come along to our special Commitment Day on Sunday, 17 November and make your pledge. Encourage others to come also. A pledge is a promise to give what you have decided in your heart each year. We understand that if a crisis takes place the pledge may need to be re-examined or postponed. Generosity is measured at the heart not the hip pocket. So give in such a way that you can stand before God with a clear conscience and say, “God, I think this is a generous figure for me”. Don’t forget God loves a cheerful giver. You will never regret storing your treasures in heaven.

Step 4 – Give

You may wish to give a one-off gift. Perhaps you have been blessed this year with an inheritance, a pay increase or you are sitting on some money that you want to use to express your thanks to God. Great! For others, you may not be able to give a large one-off, but you are able to give a set amount regularly over a three-year period. This is how we expect most people will give. Please bear in mind that the day-to-day running of Vine Church depends on people’s regular giving. Giving to this project should be in addition to your normal church giving.