We are living in the age of fragmentation.

Loneliness and anxiety are worldwide epidemics; tensions fester between different social tribes; our sense of belonging is temporary and shallow; we feel adrift amidst the constant churning of relationships and jobs; hyper-mobility leaves us giddy with choice; hyper-connectivity crowds our mind with static; our sense of self ever shape-shifts and we struggle to find our true self; we’re constantly seeking out the next life upgrade.

Our city needs Jesus! We need the life changing connection that he brings. This is what the future of Vine Church is about. People connected to the life, love and freedom Jesus offers. Join us as we set our vision for the next year and beyond. 

Sun, 20 Oct      Connect to God:
                            Is there an answer to all my longing?

Sun, 27 Oct      Connect to discipleship:
                            How do I grow into the person God wants me to be? 

Sun,  3 Nov       Connect to mission:
                            Is there a purpose beyond my life?

Sun, 10 Nov      Connect to generosity:
                            Is there a way to break the power money and possessions have over me? 

Sun, 17 Nov      Connect to Jesus:
                            How do I keep Jesus at the centre
                            + Pledge Sunday

Sun, 24 Nov     Connect to ministry:
                            Can I make a difference in the world? 

Sun, 1 Dec        Connect to God’s family:
                           How do we build a culture of love in the church
                           + Thanksgiving Sunday 

Join us each Sunday at 10am and 4.30pm to hear more, or click here for past sermons.