Building Renewal 2021

Connecting Vine Church with the community of Surry Hills

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Connect Dinners

There are 40 dinners happening across Vine Church in May and June! They are a great chance to spend time with our community after COVID and pray together for the future of our church. Register here for a Connect Dinner. 

Connect Q&A + Site Tour

Come along to our Q&A +Site Tour to hear from the architects, key leaders and parish council and get your questions answered! There will be an opportunity to ask questions on the day, or you can submit them beforehand. Register here for the Q&A + Site Tour

Week of Prayer

Our God is the one who made the earth and sustains everything in it! We want to bring our community and church future before Him in prayer. Join us from Tuesday 15 – Saturday 19 June as we pray together.

Newish Vision Dinners

If you have joined Vine Church since 2019, we’d love to join us at a Newish Vision Dinner for your congregation. Click here to find out more and register for our Newish Vision dinners. 


Why are we building?

So more people can beconnectedto the life, love and freedom Jesus offers.

God has been building our church for over 167 years and in a new and exciting way for the past 10 years. As the gospel has gone out, people have been built into God’s family, receiving forgiveness, cleansing and eternal life. People have come to know Jesus. Families have grown stronger. Marriages have been enriched. Children and students have responded to the wonder and awe of Jesus. New friendships have begun. The hungry have been fed. The sick have been cared for. The homeless have found welcome.

So many lives have been transformed.
But Jesus is not finished building his church!

Right now, we have the incredible opportunity to make a deeper impact for Jesus Christ in our community.